Welcome to the website of the Speedsters!

Run for Kayla-girls only group picand a few guys


Who are we?     

We are a group of friends who are dedicated to running, racing, and getting faster.  Based in Ft. Myers, Florida, we meet 3 days a week to run and train together to encourage each other to run faster, longer, and harder.  If you run with us, you should notice your racing times come down over time and it’s a good way to stay focused on your goals.  We are not a club that requires you to pay dues for membership; you will not have to pay anything to run with us.

The Speedsters have two  goals:

  1. To provide a way to meet other runners and enjoy friendships with fellow running enthusiasts
  2. To encourage each other by training together to build speed and endurance

How can I become a Speedster?

Right now, the best thing you can do is follow us on Facebook by joining our Speedsters group.  Once you’re in this group, you should receive updates on current events, training, and races.  It’s the best way to network with other runners.  There are already people from other states and countries who have joined, so don’t let distance discourage you from joining.


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